Where Can I Find Costa Rica's Amazing Wildlife?


Locating Costa Rica’s Amazing Animals in the Wild – Where to Look for Wildlife

Sloths, macaws, monkeys and lizards are the most common wildlife to catch a glimpse of but if you listen and pay attention you can discover almost anything!

  • Timing – The sunrise is when the jungle wakes up so it’s only natural that you’ll spot a lot of animals at that time of the morning! Mid-day, during the warmest time of day, the animals take their siesta so it’ll be more difficult to catch a glimpse of wildlife then. Guided night hikes are sometimes the only way to see certain nocturnal animals which is an adventure all in itself.
  • Ask a local – Ticos take pride in their ecological and conservation heritage. Ask them to show you where to find the best locations where you can observe animals at any time of day or night!
  • Sit still, listen and take binoculars! – Sometimes it’s hard to sit still for any length of time but it’s amazing what you’ll see if you take a moment to observe, listen and experience nature at its best.
  • Hire a Guide – Heading out for a hike is gorgeous and certainly something you can do on your own but the wealth of knowledge and experience a local guide can offer would make the experience far more interesting. They can point out animals that are hidden under a leaf or in a tree that you would probably never see on your own.  They can teach you about things as only a local can. If you are on the hunt to see a particular species such as a sea turtle or a rare bird, the local guide can assist you in finding the right location and timing to ensure success.
  • Go to the Zoo – Most zoos in Costa Rica provide visitors with a close-up look at wildlife that has been rescued.  Many of the facilities are working hard to rehabilitate injured or displaced animals. Supporting these ventures ensures that Costa Rica will continue to be regarded as one of the countries that ranks protection and conservation of its animals high on the priority list for funding and resources.