Known as a vacation destination for not only visitors but Costa Ricans alike!

It is one of the most populated beach towns in the province of Guanacaste and is located just a short 25 minutes from the Liberia airport. Playas del Coco has a well-developed infrastructure with good roads, grocery stores, restaurants, bars, a casino, a variety of hotels and fish markets.

It has an active nightlife with live music to suit every taste. The most popular months for traveling to Costa Rica are from November to April when North America and Europe are experiencing winter. However, the off season is also a wonderful time to enjoy all that Costa Rica has to offer. Visitors from Canada, the United States and Europe enjoy the warm days and sunshine that Costa Rica, particularly Guanacaste, are known for regardless of the time of year.

Enjoy walking along the “Amor de Temporada”

Approximately 420 meters long, the boardwalk, in the centre of town, is a gathering place for families and friends. Come and enjoy the boardwalk and share a romantic moment as you watch the waves gently roll in. The native trees such as almond, palm, and the malinche dot the beach and provide shade for your afternoon adventure.  

As part of the overall design, the boardwalk has a basketball court, a beach volleyball net, a skateboard park and a playground. There’s plenty to do at the beach or better yet, have a nap in the shade as you while away the afternoon.

Boardwalks, Beachfront Bars and Restaurants...

Playas del Coco is ever changing and as time goes on, we will no doubt experience unprecedented growth as investors see the opportunities in the area and start to expand on what is already here.  It is only the beginning.  The time is now to see Coco as it is today and to be a part of its evolution.  Our little town of Playas del Coco has everything investors are looking for and vacationers dream of!

When you drive into Coco for the first time, you can feel the inviting atmosphere all around you.

The locals are friendly, generous, always smiling and willing to lend a hand. Monkeys can be seen swinging through the trees in a town that was once a quaint fishing village. Birds of all sorts sing their song as they share the branches with monkeys, lizards and iguanas. An early morning walk along the beach is a great way to start the day.

Downtown Coco

The town has many souvenir shops and roadside vendors to make your souvenir shopping fun. Local craftspeople make jewelry on the street to go with any wardrobe. All necessary conveniences are right here in town from grocery stores to pharmacies to hardware stores and boutiques. With doctors, dentists, vets, massage therapists and hair stylists available in town, the only reason to leave Coco is to explore all that Costa Rica has to offer.


The food in Coco is second to none. You can enjoy local fare such as a casado or the catch of the day or head down to Zi Lounge for a more North American offering.  Some of the fresh produce and meat are grown and raised here in Guanacaste.

Not sure where to go?

Check out our list of restaurants in Playas del Coco!


The nightlife has a beat all its own with a newly renovated casino or partake in assorted hot spots around town. Your choice of entertainment is all centrally located within walking distance from the beach. Playas del Coco is one of Costa Rica’s liveliest beach towns after dark. 

Local Culture

Although there are many bars and nightclubs in the area, most evenings you’ll find that the party is on the street. The sounds of Costa Rica can be heard everywhere. Live bands playing music from around the world can be heard performing just about any night of the week especially during high season. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the local culture that is so much a part of this great town! 

Incredible Things to Do Around Coco

Visit any one of the many volcanoes for an incredible view of mother nature. Hot springs and mud baths soothe the soul and if you are lucky enough to see and hear the volcano erupting, prepare yourself for an experience of sight and sound not to be forgotten. Lava flows and steam clouds will awe you with their amazing natural power. Listen for the rumbling sounds as the rocks roll down the mountainside.

Be sure to try zip lining!!

This experience is truly exhilarating as you literally soar through the rain forest and cross the valleys far below. You cannot help but feel like a bird on the wind. A visit to the rain forest or nearby national parks is a must. 

Hike or cycle nature trails through the clouds to the Continental Divide and gaze at the Pacific Ocean and Nicoya Peninsula from the top. Enjoy long span bridges over lush landscapes of forests and valleys. You can travel the back roads to isolated beaches and spend the day snorkeling, swimming and soaking up the sun. Horseback riding and white water rafting are also available close to Coco.

The Llanos de Cortez waterfall with its wonderful swimming pool is worth seeing. Climb in behind the falls and enjoy the cascading water in front of you.

Golfing is also available at the nearby Vista Ridge Golf Course in Sardinal.

Sport Fishing

Anglers travel from around the world to enjoy world-class deep-sea fishing catching record breaking marlin, sailfish, swordfish, dorado and many others. The waters here ensure fantastic fishing for decades to come. Bring your catch to a local restaurant and they’ll prepare a special meal for you and your group. What a great way to end a day of fishing!

ATV, Jet Ski or Kayak Rentals

Playas del Coco is teaming with activity day and night. For the adventurer, ATV tours explore the rugged mountainous terrain on trails that cut through the canopy and emerge onto spectacular vistas of seas and valleys. Jet skis give you the opportunity to freely explore the deserted beaches and imposing rock formations that jut out of the deep blue waters.

Surfing, Diving & Snorkeling

Fabulous surfing can be had at the legendary Witches Rock and Ollie’s Point which are accessible only by boat. Scuba diving here is some of the best on earth in our tepid, clear waters. Take an afternoon ride on a sailboat or catamaran and watch the sunset and catch a glimpse of the sea life that abounds in our waters such as dolphins, turtles or the occasional whale. Be sure to capture the spectacular colors that light up the evening sky as the sun sets on the horizon!

Pura Vida

Pura vida, as they say in Costa Rica, means exactly that, pure life. Get away from the smog and everyday pressures and sink into the pure and simple life that is so much a part of being here. But beware, you may never want to go back home.

When you meet the local people and their children, you see how thankful they are for their way of life, their families. Their smiling eyes say it all.  No wonder Costa Rica is home to one of the Blue Zones. Longevity is a goal we all strive for and the Costa Rican people have found it. The people are what truly make this country special. Come and see for yourself.

The bottom line is this. Playas del Coco is where it’s at! Before it changes too much, you need to get experience this little piece of paradise.

Hasta pronto!