Attend the opera, symphony or theatre in San Jose

El Teatro Nacional, or the National Theater of Costa Rica is located in the central section of the capital city and was opened to the public on October 31 of 1897. It is a must see for anyone visiting San Jose, as it is known for its exquisite interior design with lavish furnishings and art performances. When you visit the National Theater, you will understand why everyday Costa Ricans are so proud of it.  It is an architectural and cultural gem and a vital part of the country’s history.



Teatro Popular Melico Salazar Located in front of the central park in San Jose, this neoclassically designed theater is a noticeably distinct face in the capital city. El Teatro Popular Melico Salazar exhibits many works of art from the Spanish Museum of Art. In addition, recent renovations include new cascading balconies, a new third floor, a rebuilt stage, and an orchestra dais. The theater maintains a full schedule of events such as concerts, recitals, and plays. Come visit during its season from April to December.

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