Costa Rica is a Fantastic Investment

Why should I invest in Costa Rican real estate?

  • Tourism opportunities abound in Costa Rica
    1. Adventure travel
    2. Seniors travel
    3. Baby Boomers retiring – finally
    4. Eco and Wildlife tourism – all ages
    5. Medical and Dental tourism – safe and cost-effective
  • Financial and Personal Security in Costa Rica
    1. No formal military – everyday life is less stressful
    2. Stable democratic government
    3. Various levels of police force
    4. Organized and protected financial system
    5. Good quality and affordable health care
  • The Incredible Weather
    1. The tropical weather in Costa Rica is warm all year round.
    2. Guanacaste is known for its dry and sunny winters and less rain throughout the year
    3. Evenings are a pleasant temperature even in the Central Valley
    4. No SNOW!
  • General Lifestyle and Atmosphere
    1. Pura Vida – a term that means a lot of different things. Pure Life is the literal translation but it is more a way of life.
    2. Friendly outgoing people – local and Expats
    3. An educated population
    4. Named one of the Happiest Countries
    5. Home to one of the famous Blue Zones
  • Amazing Natural Beauty
    1. Volcanoes
    2. Rivers
    3. Plains
    4. Mountains
    5. Hot Springs
    6. Ocean shores
    7. Fabulous sunrises and sunsets
  • Real Estate Opportunities
    1. Incredibly low property taxes at ¼ of 1%
    2. Affordable homes and land
    3. Ocean front and ocean view properties
    4. No foreign ownership restrictions
    5. Relatively low cost of living compared to the US and Canada
    6. Growth encouraged by the Costa Rican government
    7. Local investment in infrastructure including roads and airports
  • Costa Rica is committed to green and sustainable environments
    1. Renewable energy opportunities in wind, geothermal, biomass, hydro and solar power
    2. Protected National Parks

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