Can I get financing or a mortgage?

Financing for a non-resident through a bank is complicated and comes with strict documentation requirements. The interest rate from a Costa Rican bank or finance company is between 6% and 12% for a US$ mortgage. Most of the deals in real estate are cash or owner-financed by the Seller.  The owner financing is usually for a short- term of 3-5 years with down payments in the range of 30-60%. Sometimes the buyer can get better rates and faster approval obtaining a first or second mortgage in their home country on an existing property. Many have taken advantage of drawing on a line of credit or HELOC to free up the cash.  The cash can then be used to buy property in Costa Rica.

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Another great alternative when purchasing an investment property is to utilize your IRA or 401K.

Contact Tyler Carter at NuView Trust for more information on how you can tap into your IRA and purchase that investment property in Costa Rica. Email:


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