Is winter is a good time to visit Costa Rica?

For most of us, winter conjures up a whole lot of images we’d really rather forget.

  • Blizzards
  • Car accidents
  • Dirty snow turning to mush
  • Winter whiteouts
  • Cold and ice

In Costa Rica, winter takes on a whole new meaning.

  • Sun (yes, lots of sun)
  • Flowers
  • Lush gardens
  • Rain (on occasion)
  • Cooler temperatures 80° F or 27° C

But then again, should you travel to Costa Rica from May – October??   ABSOLUTELY! 

If you get a chance to speak to the locals or the myriad of Expats who call it home, you’ll soon discover that “winter” in Costa Rica is their favorite time of year.

The sun holds a special warmth for those who made it through high season (which just happens to coincide with the dry season). Now it’s time to enjoy Costa Rica and all that it offers.

Travellers who enjoy a little slower pace, less traffic and want to get out of the hustle and bustle particularly love this time of year.  There is still enough going on to sit and listen to some live music in your favourite bar, walk the beach early in the morning or catch a few rays of sunshine before the clouds start to roll in after lunch. Some days the sun continues to shine all day long.  The BBQ is ready and waiting regardless of the rain.

Many days in the green season are sunny, bright and hot.  Winter they say… hmmmmm I’ll think I’ll take it.

In early July, nature treats us to a surprise.  The locals call it “Little Summer or “Veranillo de San Juan”. It is the equivalent to the North American “Indian Summer”. The kids enjoy a 2 week vacation from school allowing families to take advantage of the weather by having picnics at the beach or travelling to see family.  Those North Americans or Europeans who dare to travel in the “winter” are amazed at the sunny, dry and hot weather in the middle of the green season.  Not exactly what they were expecting in the “rainy” season but they certainly enjoy it to the fullest. They send word home that winter in Costa Rica is fantastic.  Who knew??

Does it ever rain TOO much?  Yes sometimes….

That depends on your definition of too much but yes, the rains be can sometimes be heavy and flooding does happen.  Thank goodness not every year but with the climate changing all over the world, one has to be prepared for just about anything.

The other thing to know about Costa Rica is that different areas of the country experience different rainfall.  In the north, it is usually drier year round.  The area around Lake Arenal is well known to see rain at any time of the year.  Southern Costa Rica sees more than its fair share but then again, it is a rain forest!

The only decision you need to make is when to come to Costa Rica.  Whether it’s in the North American winter months or the traditional “summer” the Costa Rican people welcome you with open arms and a smile to go with it.

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