Does Costa Rica have a property title registry?

The new online title system provides free access to information recorded in the National Registry. It also provides a method available to obtain certified reports such as the Plano Catastro which is a type of property survey. This report outlines the dimensions of the lot or project with boundaries and measurements. Certified title reports or historical ownership research is an essential part of any attorney’s responsibility in the purchase process.

In addition to recording title, the National Registry also indicates whether a given property has any encumbrances or easements associated with it. Registry records are public and are accessible via the Internet or in person at various branches throughout Costa Rica. Not all land in Costa Rica is titled, so it is extremely important that your attorney provide this research as part of his due diligence. Also, the property may fall within the Maritime Zone, national parks, many wildlife reserves or within designated indigenous areas.

This due diligence is part of every sale or purchase in Costa Rica and worth every penny!

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