Sports competitions

Developed out of 38 years of experience on the most grueling race courses in the world, Ironman has set a new global standard for endurance sports education. Push your body to the limit.

The race covers the streets of San Jose from La Sabana Park toward the airport, giving runners a chance to wind through 26 miles of an urban jungle landscape. The event, which typically takes place in December, is open to visitors of various ages and skill levels. Wheelchair-bound participants can also take part in the marathon. Additionally, many people line the streets to see some of the top runners from around the country test their abilities on a demanding course.

The largest mountain bike event in the country. Spanning more than 240 miles of trails from coast to coast, the four-day event is a stage race that has time limits for each leg of the trip. However, those who do not finish in the allotted time can still continue and complete the race. Dozens of fans line the trails to witness the impressive athletes competing in this race, which generally takes place in October or November.


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