Where should I stay? Rent a condo or Book into a hotel?

Rent a Condo vs Hotel? Which one is right for you?

Vacations should be just that – a vacation from your daily routine with less stress.  That should be one of the important considerations when deciding to reserve a hotel room or rent a condo/vacation home.

Having said that, booking into an all-inclusive hotel might be just what the doctor ordered.  No cooking, no cleaning etc.  BUT…. what if you have picky kids who can never find what they like on the buffet? Or perhaps you like your quiet morning coffee and the thought of seeing 100 other guests for breakfast is a little overwhelming.  Then perhaps renting a condo or vacation home is the right way to go.

Occasionally the reason for the vacation is to socialize because your job doesn’t allow for casual chit-chat all day.  Resorts host all sorts of interesting characters to get to know. Sometimes you are traveling on your own and feel more comfortable with plenty of people around.  Other times, you may just like to enjoy the sun and read a book undisturbed.

The other challenge with many of the hotels or resorts is that they are rather secluded and it is difficult to walk to town and mingle with the locals. Shuttles help but everyone is always watching the clock so they don’t miss their ride.  Holidays are to relax not watch the clock.

What we’ve found is that there is a time and a place for every type of accommodation. In Costa Rica, there are a variety of rental units that suit most people on vacation.  Booking into a hotel room is more for the one or two night stays while traveling through an area.  If you want to get a feel for the town, enjoy the local cuisine and nightlife, rent a place for a week or more.

Of course, you will always find the Snowbirds who fly south for the winter to escape the cold who stay for up to 6 months.  Perhaps that is on your bucket list one day….

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