Why should I retire in Playas del Coco?

When it comes to choosing the right retirement destination, it’s not an easy one. First you have to narrow it down by country and that’s hard enough! There are several great countries in the Americas ideal for retired expats as they have all the necessary requirements they look for.

Costa Rica is one of those countries. Being extremely tourist friendly with sunny weather and excellent healthcare, retirees normally don’t find it too hard to adjust to a life down in the tropics. Though there are several pockets of expat communities spread out throughout the country, there is one place in particular that retirees love to go especially if they want to live at the beach, Playas del Coco.

What makes Playas del Coco such a great retirement town in Costa Rica?

You’re at the beach!DSC_3894

Playas del Coco is a small beach town in the province of Guanacaste, a  province known for its beautiful beaches. The town is small and no matter where you are, you’re always just a short walk away from the beach!

If you’ve ever dreamed of living your days strolling on the beach and watching the sunset. Playas del Coco is a wonderful place to do so.

Though Coco is not the typical white sand beach, it still has its own beautiful characteristics with dark sand and soft waves. It is a family friendly beach and is normal to stop and chat or say hi to people while taking your morning or evening walk. The atmosphere is fun, warm and relaxing. The ultimate essence of pura vida.

There are many other retired expats or snowbirds!11046894_687688081342182_8705952237859061403_n

Don’t ever worry that you won’t meet people or make new friends when in Coco. There is a large community of retired expats in and around the Coco area. You can even make friends when you’re out having dinner.

There are more retired expats in this area than other beach towns. This makes it easy to meet new people who are in the same life stage. There is always something going in the expat community. Whether it’s weekly meet ups at the bar, book clubs or simple dinners and get together.

Coco is a touristic area!

Since Playas del Coco is such a touristic area, the locals there are extremely used to seeing foreigners. One of the fears of retiring abroad is how to fit in with the locals but the Costa Ricans in Coco are helpful, friendly and love to meet and talk to people.

Another bonus is that many of them speak English since majority work in the tourism industry. Though it is always recommended to learn some Spanish, it does make things a bit easier for a retired expat.


Another upside to living in a touristic area is that there is always something to do.

The beach already offers itself as an activity but with many tourists visiting every year, more opportunities come up. Sunset sailing, fishing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, boating and much more. It also gives your friends and family an enticing incentive to visit you – you can give them a trip of a lifetime!

Playas del Coco is in a convenient location

25 minutes from the airport, 2.5 hours from the Nicaragua border, 1 hour from a national park, 2 minutes away from the next beach. Need I say more? It’s in a great location to explore the area and whether you just want to lay in the pool or at the beach. You’ll never be bored in Coco!

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