Where to Meet People in Playas del Coco

One of the main concerns many future expats have when moving to a new country is how they will meet people and make friends. This is also one of the reasons why they pick areas that are popular with foreigners since it’s easier to meet new people, it’s more comfortable and there’s usually always something to do. In regards to Playas del Coco, it’s a great destination for future retirees for many reasons and the ease of meeting people is one of them.

It’s wise to visit Coco at least a few times so you get yourself situated with the town and find out things are: restaurants, bars, supermarkets, banks, etc. so you have an idea of where to go. In terms of meeting other expats, here are some of the best places to do so.

The barscanada day

With happy hour from 1130 AM to 7 PM every day, the bar is a great place to meet other expats. Though you may find you’ll run into mostly tourists, many expats who live in Coco usually hold a get together or gather at one of the bars for their events such as karaoke, live music and game night.

Coconutz is the most popular being a sports bar and you can check the Facebook groups to see what nights the expats meet up. If you’re a sports fan, this will become your go-to place. Serving up typical bar food such as chicken and buffalo wings, pizza, burgers and beer, you can get your sports fix every week as they have several TVs constantly playing what is in season.

Another popular bar is Zi Lounge. Though not a sports bar, expats gather here on the weekends to dance to live music on the weekends as it’s common for the musicians to throwback to classic rock songs. Put your dancing shoes on cause they sure do like to show off their moves!

Other bars in Coco are Iguana, Tiki Coco and La Vida Loca. La Vida Loca is also popular with expats as it is right on the beach and they sometimes hold private events.

The beach

IMG_20150301_175207The main attraction of Playas del Coco is the beach and the residents love it. Go early in the morning and you’ll see the early birds taking their daily morning walk or go in the evening to catch a beautiful sunset. Either way, it is common to see expats out and about at the beach.

Don’t be shy, the beauty of living in Costa Rica is that nearly everyone adapts to the pura vida lifestyle and the friendly nature of the locals. Expats here love to get to know other expats and locals are always happy to talk to people so it’s easy to strike up a conversation.


You can join the local services however if you don’t speak Spanish, check out Hopefellowship. They have both English and Spanish service and it is a welcoming church community. Find support and meet other locals and expats with the same interests. Hopefellowship also holds events to gather donations for poor communities in the area so it is a great way to get involved with the community and give back.

The gym

With one gym in town, it is the go-to place for locals and expats to get their fitness on. This also makes it an excellent place to get to know other people who also have the same interests as you. With Zumba and spinning classes each week and a large room equipped with high quality equipment, you can meet like-minded expats and locals while doing your body good.

If you’re into Crossfit, the gym offers those classes so you can meet even more people who have the same interest. Stay fit and healthy and meet new people!

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