Known as one of Costa Rica’s cleanest and most eco-friendly beaches…

Playa Ocotal found on the beautiful Northern Pacific coast of Guanacaste. The playa is located in a small village and the closest town is Playas del Coco, which is only about 5 min away. Many tourists don’t choose to stay in Playa Ocotal because it is too quiet. There is not much to do but it is the perfect place to go to for a day trip at the beach for some awesome snorkeling, food and relaxation. 

The protected shoreline makes it a safe place to swim and relax, as there are no dangerous riptides or swells. This tiny pocket cove features a small salt-and-pepper beach bordered by high bluffs and is quite beautiful. The sand is a mix of black, white, and rocky sections. The vibrant tidal pools overflowing with sea life are an interesting spot to spend a few hours exploring, at low-tide. 

Playa Ocotal is a favorite snorkeling spot in Costa Rica because of its clean water and is thought to hold a certain mystique. According to some healers, the sea air is tinged with a whitish mist that is believed to be rich in negative ions (small particles charged with electricity) that have beneficial effects on people animals and plants. It sure does have a great calming energy!

The right side of the beach is the best place to snorkel. There are many different species of tropical fish by the rocks and of course, there are tons of pelicans fishing for lunch. You can sometimes see locals fishing from the rocks. If you don’t have your own adventure gear, you can rent snorkel equipment, kayaks, and canoes at Ocotal by the entrance of the beach near Father Rooster

Scuba diving is available, and nearby Catalina island is a recommended diving spot; it’s the best place to see huge schools of rays, including the giant manta ray. It is also a popular spot for sports fishing, the cove is lined with boats trolling the waters for dinner.


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