Looking for somewhere to eat?

Here’s a list of some of our favorite restaurants in Playas del Coco! 


  • Coconutz – Great happy hour live music!

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  • Zi Lounge – In the heart of Coco. Check their facebook page for current live music events!

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  • Pacifico Beach Club – Happy Hour Music right on the beach in Playas del Coco.

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  • Café de Playa – One of the best intimate live music concert event venues. Playas del Coco.

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  • Citron – Located in the Pacifico Retail Village across the parking lot from the Auto Mercado grocery store.  Fine cuisine with great ambiance!

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  • Hotel Coco Palms – Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Menu includes everything from Appetizers, Salads, Steaks, Fresh Seafood and Italian Cuisine all the way to Hamburgers, Fish and Chips or Pizza. The Coco Sushi Bar serves light, fresh sashimi and sushi. Diners can also try out other popular Japanese fare including teriyakis and tempuras. Also features an extended menu that includes Thai specialties.

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  • Villa Italia Restaurant – Authentic Italian menu in a small bistro setting. Great ambiance and great food!  A little harder to find.

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  • Papagayo Seafood and Sushi Boat – Right downtown; steak & seafood are their specialties but other choices available. Grandmas Corn Bisque is to die for. Famous for sushi boats and an extensive variety of sashimi.

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  • Taste of Texas – Great hamburgers! Located in the Coco Hotel across from Coconutz on the main street.

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  • La Dolce Vita – Specializes in Italian food, but other choices available; turn right at Lizard Lounge; located in Las Palmas Mini-Mall on right hand side of road about 1 km past Lizard Lounge.

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  • Subway – Located in the Auto Mercado strip mall in front of the Pacifico Development on main street.

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  • Donde Claudio & Gloria – Right on the beach; Mediterranean & Peruvian; the oldest restaurant in town, recently remodeled with a privileged ocean front location. Famous for paellas and sea food.

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  • Pata Loco – Spaghetteria and restaurant with an intimate, candlelite atmosphere, nice background music. Sip on your favourite Italian wine while choosing from over twenty different pasta dishes and more.

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  • Cafe Java – Coffee shop located in the Las Palmas Development (turn right at the beach road and follow pavement for about 1 kilometer).

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  • Congo Cafe, Arte & Diseno – Great modern coffee shop right in downtown Coco with quality souvenirs!

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  • Senior Pizza – Takeout and delivery available as well as a casual sit down.

2670 0017 or 2670-0532 or 8661-3397 ➡ Visit their Facebook  

  • Milanes – Beautiful garden, Nice restaurant with excellent ceviche and fruit smoothies.

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  • Luna de Plata Creperia – Warm and welcoming little restaurant located in Playa del Coco. Right in the little “Centro” of Las Palmas.

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  • Jardin Tropical – This is the place to go if you’re looking for a good Costa Rican typical meal. The staff is very nice very good and the prices are great.
  • Soda La Teresita – Nice typical Tico cuisine and Tico prices right in the heart of touristy Playas del coco. Try a casado. You will not be disappointed.

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  • Casa del Mar – In Coco Beach Hotel. Mediterranean/American/International Fusion Food.

4000-0600 ➡ Visit their Website or Facebook

Looking for somewhere to eat?

Here’s a list of some of our favorite restaurants in Playa Hermosa! 


  • Villa del Sueno – Great live music venue in Playa Hermosa. Owners are retired musicians. Music in the bar and concerts in their outdoor live music stage.

2672-0026 ➡ Visit their Website or Facebook

  • Ginger Restaurant  – An eclectic mix of modern takes on wide-ranging international fare, all served as tapas.

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  • Bosque del Mar – Menu includes truly fresh fish and beef tenderloin raised on the owner’s ranch.

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  • Sandbar – The food is excellent! Playa Hermosa

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  • AquaSport Restaurant Bar – Located right on the beach; good selection of seafood and local dishes.

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  • El Velero Hotel  – The garden terrace restaurant and bar features fantastic fresh sea-food, International dishes and local specialties, including a weekly BBQ night, which has become a Hermosa institution!

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  • Pizzeria Bocelli – Located on the 1st entrance to the beach on the left side of the road. Playa Hermosa

2672-1239 or 2672-1243 ➡ Visit their Website

  • Los Ranchitos – On the road to Sardinal just past Ladera del Mar. Traditional Dances (Bailes) with Salsa, Merengue, etc.

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  • Donde Johann – Wood fire pizza, great atmosphere & food!

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  • Condovac – Colibri Restaurante – Latin Wine Bar

4001-1100 ➡ Visit their Website or Facebook

Looking for somewhere to eat?

Here’s a list of some of our favorite restaurants in Playa Ocotal! 


  • Father Rooster – Longest standing live music venue in the area. Known for great live music events and concerts. Call for schedule.

2670-1246 ➡ Visit their Website

  • Maracuya Beach Club – New restaurant with innovative fusion cuisine in the Bahia Pez Vela condo complex in Playa Ocotal.

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Looking for somewhere to eat?

Here’s a list of some of our favorite restaurants in Playa Panama! 


  • Abbocato Restaurant – Reservation Only, Fine Dining.

2672-0073 ➡ Visit their Website or Facebook

  • Elmangroove Hotel – Offers 2 restaurants, both a promised sensorial gastronomy experience!

Makoko (see menu), their main restaurant, is open from 6am – 11am for Breakfast Service and 6am – 10pm for Dinner Service.

Matiss (see menu), a more day time feel, is open from 10am – 6:30pm.

2291-7750 ➡ Visit their Website or Facebook

  • Restaurant Chunco – Seafood Restaurant and Bar.

4701-8201 ➡ Visit their Facebook